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Voto elettronico: mozione di GRIN e GII

La comunità informatica italiana, rappresentata dalle due associazioni accademiche GRIN e GII, nelle assemblee tenutesi rispettivamente il 29 Ottobre 2021 e il 16 Novembre 2021, ha approvato una mozione che sottolinea i rischi che accompagnano l’uso del voto elettronico per le elezioni politiche. 

BigDat 2020

BigDat 2020


 January 13-17, 2020  - Ancona, Italy 


Co-organized by: 

Department of Information Engineering (DII), Marche Polytechnic University (UNIVPM) 

Institute for Research Development, Training and Advice (IRDTA) Brussels / London 



BigDat 2020 will be a research training event with a global scope aiming at updating participants on the most recent advances in the critical and fast developing area of big data, which covers a large spectrum of current exciting research and industrial innovation with an extraordinary potential for a huge impact on scientific discoveries, medicine, engineering, business models, and society itself. Renowned academics and industry pioneers will lecture and share their views with the audience. 

Most big data subareas will be displayed, namely foundations, infrastructure, management, search and mining, security and privacy, and applications (to biological and health sciences, to business, finance and transportation, to online social networks, etc.). Major challenges of analytics, management and storage of big data will be identified through 2 keynote lectures and 24 four-hour and a half courses, which will tackle the most active and promising topics. The organizers are convinced that outstanding speakers will attract the brightest and most motivated students. Interaction will be a main component of the event. 

An open session will give participants the opportunity to present their own work in progress in 5 minutes. Moreover, there will be two special sessions with industrial and recruitment profiles. 


Master's students, PhD students, postdocs, and industry practitioners will be typical profiles of participants. However, there are no formal pre-requisites for attendance in terms of academic degrees. Since there will be a variety of levels, 

specific knowledge background may be assumed for some of the courses. Overall, BigDat 2020 is addressed to students, researchers and practitioners who want to keep themselves updated about recent developments and future trends. All will surely find it fruitful to listen and discuss with major researchers, industry leaders and innovators. 


3 courses will run in parallel during the whole event. Participants will be able to freely choose the courses they wish to attend as well as to move from one to another. 


BigDat 2020 will take place in Ancona, a city founded by Greek settlers and today one of the main ports on the Adriatic Sea. The venue will be: 

Department of Information Engineering 

Marche Polytechnic University 

Via Brecce Bianche 12 

60131 Ancona 

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: (to be completed) 

Jie Tang (Tsinghua University), Graph Embedding and Reasoning 


PROFESSORS AND COURSES: (to be completed) 

Jiawei Han (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), [advanced] From Unstructured Text to TextCube: Automated Construction and Multidimensional Exploration 

Wladek Minor (University of Virginia), [introductory/advanced] Big Data in Biomedical Sciences 

Peter Rousseeuw (KU Leuven), [introductory] Anomaly Detection by Robust Methods 

Asim Roy (Arizona State University), [intermediate] Hardware-based (GPU, FPGA based) Machine Learning – An Overview of Algorithms and Implementation Ideas and Methods 

Hanan Samet (University of Maryland), [intermediate] Multidimensional, Spatial, and Metric Data Structures for Sorting in Space and Similarity Searching 

Rory Smith (Monash University), [introductory/intermediate] Learning from Data, the Bayesian Way 

Jeffrey Ullman (Stanford University), [introductory] Big-data Algorithms That Aren't Machine Learning 

Wil van der Aalst (RWTH Aachen University), [introductory/intermediate] Process Mining: A Very Different Kind of Machine Learning That Can Be Applied in Any Organization 



An open session will collect 5-minute voluntary presentations of work in progress by participants. They should submit a half-page abstract containing title, authors, and summary of the research to by January 5, 2020. 



A session will be devoted to 10-minute demonstrations of practical applications of big data in industry. Companies interested in contributing are welcome to submit a 1-page abstract containing the program of the demonstration and the logistics needed. People participating in the demonstration must register for the event. Expressions of interest have to be submitted to by January 5, 2020. 



Firms searching for personnel well skilled in big data will have a space reserved for one-to-one contacts. It is recommended to produce a 1-page .pdf leaflet with a brief description of the company and the profiles looked for, to be circulated among the participants prior to the event. People in charge of the search must register for the event. Expressions of interest have to be submitted to by January 5, 2020. 



Emanuele Frontoni (Ancona, co-chair) 

Sara Morales (Brussels) 

Manuel J. Parra-Royón (Granada) 

David Silva (London, co-chair) 

Flavio Tonetto (Ancona, industrial chair) 

Domenico Ursino (Ancona, co-chair) 



It has to be done at  


The selection of up to 8 courses requested in the registration template is only tentative and non-binding. For the sake of organization, it will be helpful to have an estimation of the respective demand for each course. During the event, participants will be free to attend the courses they wish. 

Since the capacity of the venue is limited, registration requests will be processed on a first come first served basis. The registration period will be closed and the on-line registration facility disabled when the capacity of the venue is exhausted. It is highly recommended to register prior to the event. 



Fees comprise access to all courses and lunches. There are several early registration deadlines. Fees depend on the registration deadline. 



Suggestions for accommodation will be available in due time. 



A certificate of successful participation in the event will be delivered indicating the number of hours of lectures. 





Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione (DII), Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM)

Institute for Research Development, Training and Advice (IRDTA) – Brussels/London 


Call for Participation - SIROCCO 2019

Call for Participation  - SIROCCO 2019.  
26th Int. Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity
Gran Sasso Science Institute, L’Aquila, Italy, 1-4 July 2019

Early Registration Deadline: 10 June!

The 26th International Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication
Complexity (SIROCCO 2019) will be held in L’Aquila, a beautiful historical city in
the mountain side, 100km away from Rome.
SIROCCO is devoted to the study of the interplay between structural knowledge,
communication, and computing in decentralized systems of multiple
communicating entities. Special emphasis is given to innovative approaches
leading to better understanding of the relationship between computing and
communication. SIROCCO has a tradition of interesting and productive scientific
meetings in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, attracting leading researchers in
a variety of fields in which communication and knowledge play a significant role

Invited Speakers:
- Susanne Albers, TU München, Germany
- Paola Flocchini, University of Ottawa, Canada
- Pierre Fraigniaud, CNRS and University Paris Diderot, France
- Merav Parter, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

A tutorial of 6 hours will be offered to all the attendees on July 1st  by
    Roger Watthenofer, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

For more information about SIROCCO, its history, the venue, registration, program etc. 
please visit the web-site

Till the early registration deadline of the 10th of June a set of rooms has been
reserved to the SIROCCO attendees in the hotels associated to the conference
at an agreed reduced rate.

We look forward to seeing you in L’Aquila in July!

International School on Data Science and IoT in conjunction with Workshop on Data Science and IoT

Informo i colleghi che nel mese di settembre si terra a Catania il seguente evento rivolto agli studenti di dottorato e a giovani ricercatori. Un numero selezionato di articoli presentati al workshop saranno pubblicati su Journal o Book indicizzati Scopus o Web of Science


International School on Data Science and IoT in conjunction with Workshop on Data Science and IoT

University of Catania, 9 -13 September 2019
Registration Deadline: June 19 2019
The school is organized at the University of Catania, Italy, by the Department of Electrical Electronics and Computer Science Engineering and the Cometa Consortium. It consists of a series of lectures given by leading scientists in the field, aiming at providing a comprehensive treatment from background material to advanced results. The school is specially directed to PhD students and young researchers interested to the diverse aspects of the theory and applications of Data Science for Internet of Things (IoT). Slots for presentations by the participants are also scheduled with an award to the best presentation. The school aims at encouraging cross-disciplinary discussions between participants and speakers and start new joint researches.
The Workshop on Data Science and IoT is a side event, with respect to the school, sponsored by the School and technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Circuits and Systems Chapter, and IEEE SMC Chapter of the Italy Section. Its purpose is to allow school participants to share reasearch activities and is open to all people and it is free of charge. During the workshop slots for presentations by the participants are scheduled, and an award for the best presentation is also included. Selected papers will be invited to be revised and extended to be published in a Book published in the Springer Book Series on IoT (Scopus-indexed).
EDUARD ALARCON: IoT scaled to the limit: Nanotechnologies applied to Energy Harvesting and Wireless Communications(Part 1)
SERGI ABADAL: IoT scaled to the limit: Nanotechnologies applied to Energy Harvesting and Wireless Communications (Part 2)
REZA FARAHBAKHSH: Social media analysis in scale
RAFFAELE GRAVINA: IoT Tecnologies for Communications and Systems Development
ANTONIO LIOTTA: Machine learning algorithms, techniques & applications in IoT domains
ALESSANDRA SALA: Data Analytics for IoT
Prospective participants have to send their application via email at including their name, affiliation, current position and short CV.
Please log in to Easychair here:
and follow the instructions under the tab “New Submission”

DAFNE: Digital Anastylosis of Frescoes challeNgE

Contributions to the reconstruction of frescoes with a special prize for autistic participants

Dear colleagues,

we are pleased to invite scholars and researchers in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition communities to participate in the “DAFNE: Digital Anastylosis of Frescoes challeNgE”. This is an international competition in the artistic heritage sector designed to provide virtual solutions that ultimately add to the fresco restorer’s toolkit. Specifically, the DAFNE challenge relates to ways of reassembling fresco fragments collected, photographed and catalogued after a destructive event.

Initially designed to engage people with autism in composition tasks that encouraged their inclusion in productive activities and promoted their skills, the competition was widened to embrace the application of advanced computer techniques, such as machine learning and deep learning, to the development of IT tools in this sector.

The challenge notice is available at: and online registrations are open from February 27th to May 31st 2019.


1)      A Metric award (4,000.00 EUR) for the best solution assessed on the basis of correctly reconstructed areas;

2)      An Inclusion award (2,000.00 EUR) reserved for people with autism;

3)      A High Tech award (2,000.00 EUR) for the most innovative high tech solution.

We hope that this initiative will arouse your interest. Please consider contributing to it and/or forwarding this email to appropriate groups. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Best regards,

Virginio Cantoni

Department of Industrial Engineering and Computer Science
Via A. Ferrata, 3
27100 Pavia, Italy
Tel +39 0382 985358
Fax +39 0382 985373