Informatics Europe ha made available a new report on Informatics Research Evaluation

The report has been prepared by the Research Evaluation Working Group of Informatics Europe. An initial version, open for comments and contribution from the community, was released last October during the ECSS 2017.

The report focuses on the main principles and criteria that should be followed when individual researchers are evaluated for their research activity in the field of Informatics. It confirms the findings of the previous report on Research Evaluation for Computer Science and incorporates new observations concerning in particular the growing emphasis on collaborative, transparent, reproducible and accessible research.

Past and current activities, members, resources and outcomes of the Working Group are available at the Research Evaluation Working Group page. 

If you have questions about the report and its recommendation, please contact Floriana Esposito (, Chair of the Informatics Europe Research Evaluation Working Group, and Helene Kirchner (, Informatics Europe Board Member.